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Better Essays in Half the Time with sCoolWork
MARCH 5, 2013    Kristin Demidovich, MentorMob
"It’s coming up on a year since Kris Chinosorn and I traveled to New York City for the #140edu conference. And we’ve kept in touch ever since with passionate entrepreneurs and educators that we met in order to collaborate on different projects, share stories, and just be each other’s cheerleaders..."

An A+ Israeli app for school
OCTOBER 17, 2012    Viva Sarah Press, Israel 21c
"That’s where a new Israeli startup called Skills & Knowledge comes in. The company has created an application known as sCoolWork, which helps students write essays better and faster...."

Initial Impressions of sCoolWork
AUGUST 4, 2012    Troy Hicks, Digital Writing, Digital Teaching
"Normally, I do not specifically write about websites or services because that type of situation has caused trouble for in the past. But, I must say that I’m compelled by their story — as well as sCoolWork’s potential as a digital writing tool — and I wanted to share some thoughts here..."

Three Indiegogo Campaigns That Will Change the Classroom
AUGUST 1, 2012    Kirsten Winkler
"3 Indiegogo campaigns about to change the classroom: sCoolWork for essay writing, Excelegrade for student performance & Booksober for ebooks..."

Grade Improving App sCoolWork to Sponsor #140edu, Advocating Social Causes
JULY 27, 2012    S&K Press Release
"sCoolWork, an innovative web app which improves students' grades while decreasing homework preparation time, will be offered free for #140edu NYC visitors and those in need..."

Edugogo Episode 1 - Shachar Tal of sCoolWork
JULY 20, 2012    EDUKWEST
sCoolWork Releases World's First Free Editor to Automatically Support Academic Styles
MAY 19, 2012    S&K Press Release
sCoolWork, an innovative web app which decreases homework preparation time while increasing quality, releases a unique free editor to automatically comply with MLA/APA/Chicago academic styles. Editor was developed in a gamification process which revealed users' strong demand.

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